Illegitimi non carborundum



I'm Colin Guthrie, a thirty-something guy from Edinburgh, Scotland.

PGP Key: 58C1 2030 FA56 EAFE 378B C807 0A84 5260 3F2D 98D8

Education and Work

I studied Computing and Electrical Engineering at the University of Edinburgh before forming my first company, Amoza Limited, with the help of a few of my uni chums. That company sadly didn't work out, but was a valuable learning experience for all of us. I went on to help out my friend Craig Douglas with his website business, Caravan Sitefinder and continued to work with Craig on the project until March 2007 when Caravan Sitefinder was sold to Haymarket Publications. Myself, Craig and Robin Morris then went on to form Tribalogic Limited, which still supports Haymarket with Caravan Sitefinder, but also now operates several other websites and has launched B2C services in the form of Bookster.

Other Interests

In terms of my interests, I spend a lot of time working on the Mandriva Linux distribution as a packager, looking after packages relating to sound and parts of the graphical subsystem. I also spend some time contributing modules and bug fixes to the PulseAudio project. Other projects which I contribute to include, Trac, MythTV and KDE.

When I develop patches to upstream projects, I'll generally publish a git repository. You are welcome to explore all my git repositories.

Outside of the computing field, I'm a keen snowboarder and spend most of my annual holidays in the French Alps sliding down the hill on a tray! The image at the top of this website is a picture taken in 2009 looking down from the top of the fun park in Avoriaz, Les Portes du Soleil, France.