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NFS Root Media Centre v2.0

So I've been running my home media centre on Mageia for the last year or so and Mandriva before that. Rather than just a simple setup with a normal disk, I like to try and make things complicated for myself. I don't necessarily do this because it's the best and most efficient setup (it's very likely NOT!), but I do it for the sake of learning how things work and glue together, maintainability and, in theory at least, replication to more hardware as I expand my house and the media player "outlets".

So a little over a year ago I wrote about how to setup Mageia 1 with network booting and an NFS root, so with all the changes in Mageia 2's init system (switch to systemd and dracut), and because I wanted to switch the architecture to x86_64, I figured a re-image was called for and of course I tried to take appropriate notes so others can learn from this experience - perhaps putting it to more practical use than just a single home media centre!!