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The Magic Continues

Hot on the heals of the awesome PulseAudio 2.0 release, I am very please to announce Mageia 2! It's been a lot of very hard work and I inadvertently ended up doing a lot more than I had originally intended but I can't complain - while it was a lot of hard work and a massive time sink for the last few months, I certainly learned a great deal and feel I've contributed to a great user experience.So what makes Mageia magic? Well I like to think it's because we've got a great bunch of people involved - not only that, we have clear guidelines about how the whole project can never be owned by a corporate interest - it's a true community distro. If this is important to you, (and it should be!) then I encourage you to get involved and help us make it even more magic.

Not only that, but while we're a young distro we come with a rich history: Mandriva. While the corporate side of Mandriva is still somewhat struggling, the breadth of experience our contributors have is much greater than our age would normally indicate.

In terms of technology, I like to think we're a very forward facing distro. We're keen to adopt and contribute to the new "plumbing" layers being developed. Like pretty much every other distro out there, we've seen the value in this standardisation process and wholeheartedly adopted the new pid 1, systemd. Unlike some others, we've clearly stated that while Mageia 2 supports both systemd and sysvinit, Mageia 3 will focus solely on systemd. We do not see value in providing a half-hearted version of three different init systems and would much rather go "all in" and provide an excellent experience with the one that looks the strongest and offers the most compelling technical advantages. This will see us providing tools to help users administer their systems better and help with bug reports and fixes upstream too.

We also strongly support our packagers and developers contributing directly upstream. Just recently the xsettings-kde project was removed from Mageia subversion and migrated into KDE git upstream such that other distros can contribute more easily.

So for these reasons and many, many more, I feel we can continue to make the magic happen!


In terms of this release specifically, there are so many people to thank. In no particular order: Anne Nicolas, Thomas Backlund, Thierry Vignaud, Dexter Morgan, Pascal Terjan, Olivier Blin and many others on the development side, the many awesome folks in the QA team, those pesky bug reporters (some who were absolutely amazing and very understanding) and those who helped get the Artwork and Marketing side of things looking nice and slick. I'm sorry if I didn't mention you by name above, but there really are many, many lovely people involved and to thank everyone individually would just take too long! Rest assured, you are all awesome! Also thanks have to also go to the good folks involved in upstream projects. For me personally that's particularly Lennart Poettering, Kay Sievers, Michal Schmidt and Tom Gundersen (and others)  from systemd and Harald Hoyer from dracut (most of whole are Redhat employees with the exception of Tom who is an Arch contributor); Arun Raghavan, Tanu Kaskinen and David Henningsson from PulseAudio; to the KDE and GNOME projects and their many, many contributors and to everyone else supporting the use of Free software - don't be owned - own it!!!

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  • hoka

    It seems that nowadays almost every distributions upstream all their KDE related work. It would be interesting to know who aren’t and if maybe they can be convinced to do so in the future. One that comes to mind is Mandriva/ROSA and some its plasmoids for example. ROSA has already moved their preview application klook to KDE git so I guess there’s hope.

    Anyhow its definetly nice to see Mageia going in to this direction.

  • Working With Mageia Has Been Magical It Is Fun Making The Switch On Every PC I Can Find, I’ve Appreciated All The Articles, Especially doktor5000 He Is Very Genious And Has That Sheldon[big bang theory] Attitude That Alot Of People Take Wrong Lol. For Example He Recently Changed His Signature To “Disclaimer: Beware of grumpy contributor in general and harsh-sounding forum posts in particular (which are not my intent)”

    Anyways I Want To Say Thanks To All You Wizards For Producing This And Making An Amazing OS. You Are Appreciated.

  • dan

    nice thanks for ‘those pesky bug reporters’

    • Colin

      I do hope it came across as an ironic reference! The work of the QA and testing teams is invaluable, even if they do find crazy combinations that you really have no personal interest in supporting! Still, I think I did a reasonable job at trying make all such combinations work!