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What sound does a wiki make?

So as many followers may know already, most of the technical infrastructure we use for PulseAudio has been moved over to We already moved the mailing lists and git hosting some time ago, and one of the main bits left was the wiki.

We had previously used the FreeDesktop wiki for a couple, isolated pages (mainly because the wiki was just too frustrating to use), but the vast majority of content was still on the old servers.

So I finally got around to looking at migrating the content. Now a lot of it is out of date (again see the "too frustrating to use" comment above!), but there is still a lot of data and history there that we'd like to preserve.

Fortunately, FreeDesktop use MoinMoin which is very easy to manipulate, squeeze and mould into the right shape. No complicated databases, just a relatively isolated file system layout. This very much eased the migration process.

We used Trac over at and I've done a fair bit of hacking on Trac before so this was also quite convenient as the only two scripts I found for migrating wiki content from Trac to Moin were very basic and limited in their features.

So I set about writing a script to do the conversion. trac2moin supports full wiki conversion including history and attachments. It can rename pages (and fix up links) with a simple map file and also rename users with another map file. It can even fixup some of the syntax differences and even translate a few basic macros. All in all, the conversion process was pretty good.

There will, of course, still be a requirement for a big refresh of the data and content, but now that the bulk of the heavy lifting is done that task can be planned, organised and undertaken without any barriers!

Many thanks to Arun Raghavan and to Tollef Fog Heen for their help in this conversion process.

So get updating!

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