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Microphone Czech One Two

What is this? Well, I'm off to Prague tomorrow morning. I'm very much looking forward to this trip as there are a whole bunch of interesting talks going on over the three conferences I'll be visiting, plus I get to go to Prague, which has been on my "cities to visit" list for quite some time. Tick and tick.

Arun will be giving a PulseAudio talk and Lennart will be rambling on about init systems as is customary these days. Very much looking forward to both.

We've also had an IRC meeting about bluetooth support and policy stuff for in-car usage with some big car manufacturers which we'll follow up next week in person and there are also a lot of other audio folk in town so we'll hopefully kickstart the UCM discussions again with a view to merging into PA 2.0. Looking forward to catch up with Mark and Liam again on that front.

So with pretty much all the people invloved in the Linux audio field, this is a really good opportunity to make some good progress!

Here's to a successful trip!

Many thanks to Collabora who have helped me organise funding and also to Yocto Project (via Texas Instruments) who have very kindly sponsored my attendance of the LinuxCon/ELC-E part of the event. I look forward to finding out more about their project when I help out at their booth!

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  • Cool, I’ll be attending as well, so see you there! 🙂