Illegitimi non carborundum


(Version) One for the Road (to Randa)

Good news everyone! Mageia 1 is out!!!! Just as I travel to Randa for the KDE Multimedia Development Sprint, I hear that all the hard work put in by the various contributors (in all their forms: packagers, admins, translators, testers and artists) has come to fruition! Go read the official announcement and release notes and then download it!

I've not had nearly as much time to contribute as much as I would have liked to this release, due to various personal, work and upstream project commitments, but I know my good friends and colleagues have done a stellar job (and I've helped out when I can).

I should say that this shouldn't be expected as a ground breaking release. We're not using Gnome 3 or Systemd yet (both will most likely come in Mageia 2) as this release more signifies the establishing of all the various infrastructure needed to create a distro (build cluster, community management, mirror management etc.) especially the proper cleaning and rebuilding of all of the Mandriva packages thought to be essential or vaguely useful. This was a momentous task and one that I think has been achieved in good time.

Onwards and upwards! (to 2!)


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