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Desktop Summit

Desktop Summit LogoThis is just a quick reminder that the Call for Papers for the Desktop Summit ends on Friday. So get your thinking caps on and write some abstracts! I've submitted my own proposal which would discuss the UI layers which expose PulseAudio in both KDE and GNOME, how they differ and what is missing (hopefully a lot less will be missing by the time the summit comes around in August!!).

I've included my abstract below just in case you are interested.

PulseAudio integration has come a long way. The times when detractors derided it for crashing or simply not working are mostly in the past (there are always exceptions!) and the various distributions now have solid integration and configuration options available. ALSA has also come a long way to support the timer-based scheduling that PulseAudio uses by default.

Today, a major hurdle is UI and Desktop Environment integration. In this talk I intend to look at the current UIs in both GNOME and KDE and the kind of interfaces that are missing and are still needed and what options still need to be exposed from the underlying ALSA level. I'll look at the routing logic chosen under the (more exposed) KDE and the (more minimal) GNOME interfaces and how we support that at the PA level. I'll also look at how we should be configuring some of the more advanced features of PA in a way that can fit in neatly to the DE with their own, native UI.

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  • Tom

    Hi Colin,

    I’m sure you are aware of this, but just in case you are not, I thought I’d point out this mixer plasmoid for KDE: . I think it has quite a few nice features compared to the official KMix. It would be nice if you could comment on it 🙂 (or any other alternative UI’s out there).

    Thanks for your work on PA, and in particular on the KDE integration!

    • Colin

      Sorry for not ACKing this comment until now… I suck at management stuff sometimes 🙂

      Yeah I’m aware of the plasmoid. I’m not a huge fan of writing it in python (if it’s the one I’m thinking of) especially as we don’t have any official bindings for python, but I’m certainly not against people doing funky things with PA UIs…. I made KMix work, but I’m not totally confident that it’s the perfect framework for producing a really slick PA mixer for KDE…. time will tell 🙂