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The Digital Economy Bill Will Increase Terrorism

OK, so I wanted a catchy title. It got you reading though right? In order to maintain my credibility, I will justify this link, but firstly I want to talk a little bit about something that is not actually (directly) related to the world of Open Source, but it does affect the "little guy" and the independents in the same way that e.g. Software Patents affect the FOSS movement.

Over the last fee weeks and months there has been growing concern about the reforms proposed by in the Digital Economy Bill which is going today for a third reading in the House of Commons (UK Parliament).

This legislation as it stands is quite frankly horribly Draconian in it's approach and makes a mockery of the legal system's overarching principle of the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

But before I talk about the content of the bill itself, I have to write about the rather interesting event that took place yesterday in concerning the second reading.


How to develop on KDE & Amarok without trashing your System

This is just a mixed back of info I've picked up along the way on how to develop with relative ease on KDE applications/libraries without totally trashing your system provided versions.

As a packager, it's important for me to be able to test the packages I produce so having a system that is solely running the latest and greatest upstream versions is not desirable. In order to do this I don't maintain two separate installations (that's too complicated and too much effort), rather I build all the upstream stuff into it's own prefix and then run it from there. It's totally separate from my system binaries (and shouldn't ever need root). Cleaning up is as simple as an rm -rf.

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Slide around the Sound

Just a quick update on various KDE+PulseAudio changes I've made recently. This is more of an update from previous articles than anything ground breaking in it's own right although there is a nifty (IMO) new feature now available.