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Snow Way I’m Missing my ‘boarding Fix

Well this is just a small round up of my little holiday in Les Gets. I hadn't booked anything this year due to the general apathy of my usual circle of skiing/boarding buddies and also due to a pretty intensive work schedule. But I really needed to get away and on Tuesday last week I decided to just book something and get away!

Having now become quite good friends with Jim and Cat from Pure Mountain Holidays with whom I stayed last year, I reserved a space in their Chalet and booked my flights (from Glasgow as they were about a third of the price of the Edinburgh equivalent!).

I've had six days on the hill. The snow started off a little the worse for wear due to it not having been topped up for about three weeks. This wasn't ideal but it was still pretty good. As the week progressed the snow got a lot worse due to the temperature getting a lot higher (18 degrees at peak!). You can't have it both ways, and the sunshine was really nice even if the snow did suffer.

Jim Barker while out on our big tour

Jim Barker while out on our big tour

On Thursday myself, Jim and two other guests (Nigel and Ross) went for a fairly big trek up towards Avoriaz and over to Switzerland. It was technically Jim's day off (thanks for being so lenient Cat!) so it was very decent of him to drive us up there and come play with us (even tho' playing on the hill is something I'd also be happy to spend my day off doing!!). I tracked the trip on my phone and you can see the results on Google Earth (or on Google Maps if you don't have Google Earth installed). The tracks are quite hard to follow and there are a few GPS errors but it's pretty smart all in all.

We spend exactly 2 hours, 22 minutes and 22 seconds going downhill (although I did forget to turn off the tracking half way up one lift!) and covered a distance of about 24 miles. I only tracked the actual downhill sections and turned it off on the chairlifts - partly to conserve battery, but also to keep the average speed accurate. I averaged 10 miles an hour, which is pretty slow really, but maxed out at 40mph which I think was a fluke! All in all a great day out.

On the penultimate day, the snow came (as predicted) and while it was pretty wet in the morning the afternoon brightened up to give us some awesome powder. I made some fresh tracks through the trees on a few runs but came a cropper when I followed some tracks deeper into the woods which promptly stopped when they reached a small stream. Undeterred I ploughed on and over the stream and into the bank on the other side which I intended to hike over to get to the piste I knew was just on the other side. It looked a lot bigger when I was standing under it, but I eventually hauled myself over after having sunk to my waist on a couple of occasions!

Massive Jump

A massive jump seen from the chairlift

The last day we woke to find it had been snowing for quite some time and as I trudged to the hill, the clouds parted and the sun shone for some of the best power/sun combo I've ever experienced. Pisted runs with about a foot of fresh snow on top made for some great sweeping carves and lovely spray behind. Awesome! It sadly started to cloud over again in the afternoon and the snow came on heavy and visibility became a problem but the morning more than made up for this slightly annoying end to the week.

All in all another great time with Jim and Cat. The other guests were all very friendly and good fun to chill out with. Until next year?

I wonder if the banana I left on my car roof at the airport will still be there when I get back?

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