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Mandriva 2010.0 is out!!

I'm very pleased to say that Mandriva 2010 is now out! Checkout What's New! Also see the Release Notes and Errata.

Myself and the rest of the Mandriva Developers and Contributors have put in a lot of work this time round. I'm pretty happy with the PulseAudio->Phonon integration work I did for KDE which builds on our previous approaches which were not quite as functional (although did at least hide potential configuration problems from users unlike on some distros! (for which the usual "solution" was a urpme/yum remove/apt-remove pulseaudio rather than actually finding the real cause!)

Anyway, anyone looking for a change or wanting to see what other distros have to offer, I really encourage you to take it for a spin!

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  • Markus

    Congrats! The the PulseAudio-KDE work a custom patch or has that one merged with upstream KDE?

    • Colin

      I’m working with upstream Phonon guys to try and get some part of the API ACKed by Qt folk and another PA release before landing it upstream but it’s certainly the where it’s heading 🙂

  • Colin

    FYI the download links are all pointing at the old release for now! I probably jumped the gun a bit on this post 😀

    • Because your stupid and hungry for money, like every other blogger on the Internet. Shame on you to publish the release notes of an upcoming release and LIE to people! Shame!

    • Colin

      Small correction: it’s “you’re stupid” 😉 And not quite sure how this makes me “hungry for money” as it’s not like I make any money in anything I do (see any ads?? Nope).

      Torrents are available now:

  • me

    I installed Mandriva 2010.0 RC1 some weeks ago and it works like a charm… However, some days ago, it stopped to notify me of new updates (before that I had to update something every 1-2 days). Instead, it offers me to upgrade my system to Mandriva 2009 Spring (I’m 100% sure that 2010.0 RC1 + all updates is installed). Is there anything I can do to make my system a clean 2010.0 one?

    • Colin

      Probably just a matter of installing the official “mandriva-release” package and then things should upgrade automatically and you’ll be set 🙂

    • Colin

      I stand corrected. Just remove all your media and then readd it. mandriva-release is already correct 🙂

  • Please submit an article to the dot highlighting the KDE features.

    • Colin

      Sure I will try and do something along those lines when I get a mo’!

  • jsc

    Why does Mandriva destroy the look and feel of KDE 4.x ?? openSUSE did that too, but reworked it out on 11.2 and now looks great (thanks nuno)… Nuno, if you read this.. please help Mandriva to look awsome and cool too 😉

    • Colin

      Personally I really like the Ia Ora themes and designs. I guess everyone has their own opinions and thoughts! Can’t please everyone 😀 It’s easy enough to switch themes etc. anyway if it’s not to your tastes 🙂

  • Patrick

    I to am looking for the download links. The downloads do all point to
    the Spring versions. Guess we are all to excited about it. Cheers.

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  • Mordeak

    Just copy the download link for the spring version and replace 2009.1 with 2010.0. You can find all iso’s there.

    • Colin

      Indeedy 🙂

  • Tsiolkovsky

    Woohoo! I’ll download this as soon as I get home. Currently I’m using Mandriva 2009 Spring and this sure is my favourite KDE dsitribution. Can’t wait to get the latest version fo the desktop. Thank you all for the great work!

  • LinuxPagan

    Using the RC (now 2010.0) for one week. Zero problems, stable, performs very well. KDE look and menus are fantanstic, as the fonts. I’m impressed with this release. Congrats to the team and the supporters.

  • Terry

    Hey Colin, its people like you that keeps newbie people like me from tearing their hair out when things go wrong, so keep up the good work. I am still learning and prob will not stop until 6 feet under.
    Just looked at my local mirror, they not synced yet so your torrent link great help. Keep the faith mate.

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  • Mandriva 2010 is the distro with best pulseaudio integration and experience out there. Many thanks for that!

  • Really a good job on Pulseaudio for this release, i don’t see myself disabling it anymore 😉
    Did you change your blog appearance? it’s looking nice!

    • Colin

      Nice to know 🙂 Yeah the blog changed a little while back now.. It’s a more or less standard template but I tweaked the header image a bit – see the About page if you’re interested in where it’s from 🙂

  • Relaxion

    Yupee!!! My favourite distro released! I’ve started downloading Mandriva 2010. I hope it follows the trend of the previous releases.
    Tonight i’ll replace my 2009.1 with 2010.
    Greetings from Romania and thank u for contributing to such a great distro!

  • Dziadzia

    Where is Mandriva 2010 ? Where is download ?

  • Alan

    Looking forward 2010.0. Mandriva, is one of the best distros out there. As soon as the 2010 Powerpack is available (which, as I understand, should be later today), I’m gonna upgrade.

    I really loved 2009 Spring, and I have high hopes for 2010.

  • Desmond Armstrong

    I am very anxious to have the torrent for the Mandriva 2010.0 PWP, how long will I have to wait for that?
    I have now installed the free version thaks to the torrent link provided here and it has solved a number of issues for me. So I am keener than ever for the PWP version.
    Many Thanks for providing a link for the free version.

  • Jordan

    quick question, is there a way to script things like volume adjustments in pulseaudio from the command-line?

    here’s my setup:
    ubuntu 9.10 desktop running on a media PC connected to a TV with no conventional inputs.
    a .xsession that auto runs XBMC on automatic login

    the sound won’t work unless i run gnome-volume-control first and un-mute and raise the volume manually before starting xbmc
    is there any wayto do this?

    • Colin

      Well of course you shouldn’t need to do this to get it to work after boot, but to answer your question see pactl –help (the commands set-sink-volume and set-sink-mute are probably the ones of interest to you.

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  • Jordan


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  • Angelo

    Hey Colin I’m new to the linux world especially to mandriva 2009 that I’ve on my Acer Aspire 3660 it was working pretty well but just this morning when I switched on my laptop it doesnt recognize any wireless connections. It does recognize my wireless divice atheros 2413 though.

    I’m trying to reconfigure my wireless connection trough mandriva control center but this is all I get

    “== NULL’ failed at /usr/lib/libDrakX/ line 622”
    If you can give me some advice I will really appreciate that


    • Colin

      This looks like some kind of bug so the best bet is to ask on one of the Mandriva forums or even pop on to IRC and ask about it via the #mandriva channel where people are generally very helpful and knowledgeable. It’s entirely possible that this problem has already been fixed by some kind of update, but I’m not personally able to keep track of all the issues 🙂