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PulseAudio Phonon Support now in KDE trunk and heading towards 4.4

I've very pleased to announce that my work on Phonon to integrate support for PulseAudio has now been committed to trunk and will form part of KDE 4.4 \o/

There were a few teething problems due to some last minute merges I did (which I clearly didn't test properly - my bad) and which I then went on to mis-interpret which led me to commit two rather silly things in phonon (a revert and then a revert of that revert!). What can I say... I need more caffeine obviously!


Mandriva 2010.0 is out!!

I'm very pleased to say that Mandriva 2010 is now out! Checkout What's New! Also see the Release Notes and Errata.

Myself and the rest of the Mandriva Developers and Contributors have put in a lot of work this time round. I'm pretty happy with the PulseAudio->Phonon integration work I did for KDE which builds on our previous approaches which were not quite as functional (although did at least hide potential configuration problems from users unlike on some distros! (for which the usual "solution" was a urpme/yum remove/apt-remove pulseaudio rather than actually finding the real cause!)

Anyway, anyone looking for a change or wanting to see what other distros have to offer, I really encourage you to take it for a spin!