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Mandriva 2009.1 and Intel Graphics

As many of you already (painfully) know, Mandriva 2009.1 was shipped at a rather awkward time in the Intel Graphics Driver's lifecycle. The upstream guys were in the middle of a rather extensive rewrite and consolidation. This meant that the version shipped with 2009.1 did not work all that well for several users. The new intel driver requires careful coordination of kernel, libdrm, mesa and intel driver packages to ensure they all work properly. This requirement meant that providing official updates was difficult due to the fact that kernel updates were often required.

For this reason, myself and Thomas Backlund have been operating a semi-official repository of packages built for 2009.1 specifically for Intel users of 2009.1. This repository contains the latest version of:

  • Kernel (currently
  • LibDRM (currently 2.4.14)
  • Mesa (currently 7.6)
  • Intel Driver (currently 2.9.0)

With these packages installed, performance with the intel driver should be pretty good for most people.

Of course, Mandriva 2010.0 will contain all these versions officially and should present a better OOTB experience for everyone.

The i586 repository can be added via:

urpmi.addmedia TMB-Intel-32

and the x86_64 version:

urpmi.addmedia TMB-Intel-64

More information can be found on the Mandriva Bugzilla Bug #52601

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  • Giorgio

    I added repository then how can I use the new driver ? Have I just to wait for an update ?

    • Colin

      Just run urpmi –auto-select just like any other update ๐Ÿ™‚ or use the graphical tools. Make sure you are comfortable enough with package management to downgrade again (via the console) should things go horribly wrong!

  • Giorgio

    I know how to use graphical tool to upgrade.
    Much less clear is how to downgrade. Does it means to reinstal old package if the updated package don’t works ?
    How can I know the “names” of old packages ?
    By the way do my HDMI output will works with new driver ?

  • Anshul

    It seems like the backported kernels do not have splashy, i.e. graphical boot enabled in them. I had tried one of these kernels sometime ago and all I got was the verbose boot, which IMO looks kinda ugly ๐Ÿ™‚

  • My wireless driver (ath5k) stop working properly with this kernel. I have also tried Mandriva Cooker and I got the same result ie ath5k stop working properly.

    • Colin

      Bummer ๐Ÿ™ You should submit a bug in bugzilla about this. Perhaps the driver has changed or is replaced by another one etc? Best to report it ASAP tho’!!