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Kudos to Dell

Well hats off to Dell. I've had my current laptop (Inspiron 6400) for about three years and it's served me pretty well. Sure I've upgraded the RAM and put in a faster, bigger disk but the core machine has done well... until recently.

The screen seems to have developed a fault near the right hand edge and the seals that protect against dirt and detritus seem to have failed. I now have several lighter spots on the right hand edge and hair and dirt has now managed to get behind the screen and is very distracting especially when workin on photographs etc.

So I'm generally quite lazy and put such things off but I figured I'd give Dell a shout before I went off to Corsica. I'm glad I did as my three year warranty expires in just two days time! If I had left it until my return it would have been too late!

Speaking with Dell wasn't quite as easy as it could have been and I was initially told that the screen would not be covered under my warranty. In fairness it is easy to presume that this occured due to some kind of damage inflicted upon the machine or to thing I was just chancing my luck and just trying to get some repair work carried out before my warranty expired (I'm not oranised well enough to pull that kind of stunt!). But after speaking to a couple people and making my case, I sent some photos over to the. Showing the problem and indicating the general good order of the machine and it's casing etc. I was contacted soon thereafter saying they would indeed cover the repair.

I've previously received a new power supply under warranty. Overall I thunk both myself and Dell have got our money's worth out if the warranty. I know other people will have both horror stories and happy tales.

I just hope don't drop the thing before I get back from Corsica!

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    Couple of years my hp compaq nx6120 laptop had the same issue on the LCD screen…white spot gathered at a few places on the screen. HP support asked me to send some photos… Then only they got convinced about the dead pixel issue and they replaced my LCD with in one week. That time my laptop was going through its 2nd year warranty period.

    After that I spend a lot of money on the device…upgraded its RAM and had to replace LCD when it got broken once it slipped from my hand. Even I had to replace my power adaptor since the wire got cut.

    One year passed. A few months after the warranty period, the laptop got stolen from my car.. somebody broke the car glass and took it away.