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I’ve got a new Internet

I've got a new internet and it's all shiney and fast 🙂





Which isn't too bad for £1 a month more than I'm paying now! The results are pretty inaccurate but it's still shows more than double the upload and more than 50% more download. I did get even faster speeds in other speed tests maxing out at about 47MBit download which is pretty good!
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  • Götz

    Yes, the speed test is wrong, why should my upload be slower than the download with my work internet?

    Anyway, my DSL at home is much slower than yours 🙁

  • Colin

    I’ve just saved my self £1.25 by enabling eBilling (I didn’t realise it was an option before otherwise I’d have signed up already!). So my new internet is now 25p a month cheaper than before :p

  • ooooohhh so nice, I just have a 2Mbps download and 0.3Mbps upload channel, and pay like US$40 for it 🙁

    Internet is expensive as hell here in south america :'(