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Integrating Login and Home Directory on OS X Leopard Clients

I've recently been dabbling in OS X related stuff. One of the things that is important to me is ensuring that my login details and users can use the OS X machine just the same as any other. Not that I really have any need for this, seeing as I'm pretty much the only user, but I like to learn these things 🙂


New Website

Well, if you've ever visited this site before the 20th July 2009, then you'll probably see some changes!

I've not really updated my old site for a while and I rarely wrote articles etc. This new site probably won't change that and will receive the same update schedule, based on the orbital timeframe of a blue satellite.

So as you can probably tell I'm now using wordpress. So far I really like it. Simple and effective UI, lots of plugins and a ton of templates too. I didn't modify this template too much - just slapped in a nice header image and made the lifestream widget not look silly. I've not checked my changes in any browser than Firefox... so I've probably totally broken it!

The old URLs should be redirected as should my old RSS link. I had to copy the comments across manually but as I only had three real ones, that wasn't really a problem!

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