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Configuring audio ports in PulseAudio

As I added support for changing card profiles in PulseAudio, now that pulse supports "ports" it's time for me to get my developer hat on again!

So ports are used to control which mixer is used and other such gubbins. It can be used to select the recording source - e.g. if recording from Mic or Line in. It can also be used at the output side when your hardware supports jack sensing and has different volume controls for headphones verses built in speakers.

Changing a port on a sink is pretty much the same as changing a card profile - the UI is sucpiciously similar!

Changing audio ports in pavucontrol

Please note, that if your device does not have any ports then you wont see any change in the UI.

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  • Ferenc Junkert


    Wow, it is awsome… I intresting for this. I have currently an Audigy ZS 2 Notebook and i can not use its line-in jack. I tested the setting from alsamixer and Microphone capture can be used, but when i changed the setting to Line, then i see that the record channel in Pulseaudio Volume Control show as muted. How could i test this, or when would be this development on the real working machines deployed as update?

    Regards, Frankie

    • Colin

      Not really sure what you mean here… perhaps you can be more specific?