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Sound in Mandriva 2009.0

As some people know, I seem to have managed to get myself into the situation where I am responsible for the sound system in Mandriva.... I'm not quite sure how this happened but it was probably a result of me opening my big mouth and spouting my opinion and someone else basically daring me to live up to my talk.... Anyway, 2008.1 went well and the decision to default to using PulseAudio turned out to be pretty good all in all. I made it my mission to ensure that we had as smooth as possible an integration and have continued to follow up as many bug reports as my time permits. I've actually been pretty surprised that there were not more issues and it all seemed to go surprisingly smoothly! Mandriva were given specific mention when the PulseAudio author, Lennart Pottering, talked about distro roll out of pulseaudio: "Some distributions did a better job adopting PulseAudio than others. On the good side I certainly have to list Mandriva, Debian, and Fedora. OTOH Ubuntu didn't exactly do a stellar job.". I'm very glad to say that Ubuntu has learned from this mistake and I've spoken several times to the guy who is now looking after pulse integration and things will definitely be better for them!