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Hmmmmmm, eye candy!!!

For those of you who know me, you'll appreciate that I don't use any Microsoft products and run Linux on all my computers.

It's oft been said that we don't have a good graphical environment on Linux but I have to say it's pretty darn good in my opinion...

The Xgl and Compiz revolution has arrived!!!

I've been following and testing out the 3D Desktop for many months now, but things are really hotting up now.

David Reveman from Novell/SuSE spent a lot of time creating Xgl. This is a temporary work around to enable the sweet, sweet eye candy until AIGLX is implemented by all the drivers (or at least some form of accellerated indirect rendering). Even this arrangement will eventually be replaced by Xegl but that some time away yet.

Anyway, Compiz is David's fantastic Compisiting Window Manager. It supports many plugins which create several eye popping effects.

Unfortuately, David's approach is very strict (although this is ultimately a good thing). He doesn't want to add Xinerama support for example as there are better ways of doing it. Unfortunately, I need good dual head support now!

Fortunately there was a fork call Compiz Quinnstorm which has the necessary patches applied which I started to use. It has a lot more plugins too, tho' is somewhat more experimental. I say "was" above as the whole Compiz Quinnstorm fork has now been officially renamed as Beryl. This has been done for several reasons, but I ultimately think it will be a good thing for both the fork and the vanilla Compiz too.

I've been helping out a lot with Beryl, tho' not in programming terms. I have helped setup and configure the Trac installation (I think I'm turing into a Trac/Subversion consultant of late as I've helped three seperate people set it up in the last two weeks!

Anyway, the people over at Beryl are all really friendly and the IRC channel is a nice place to chat about all the eye candy that's possible. 

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