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Wedding Bells

Not for me! But for my Mum.

 We all had a great day, my mum looked lovely and there were no hiccups!


The day started pretty early for me. I was up at 7am to finish of my speech. The previous three days for me at my work had been hugly time consuming and more than a little stressful so the whole speech writing thing was put on the back burner. Most of what I wanted to say was already done thankfully, and I just had to tidy up the edges and familiarise myself with it so I wasn't just reading it out (tho' that's pretty much what happened in the end).

I also had to pop up to my Dad's house to print out the speech and to drop of a birthday pressie for my sister, nip to the supermarket to grab some beers in case people came back to mine after and then organise a few more taxis, all before getting my kilt on and getting myself down to my other sister Katy's house where all the girls were getting ready.

My duties there were pretty much limited to looking after my Niece Elle while the rest of the girls got ready.

Taxis etc. went smoothly and myself and my mum were picked up in a nice Merc. We arrive bang on time, but things weren't exactly ready for us just yet so we loitered about a bit and were piped in to the room where the ceremony was being held.

It was a Humanist ceremony which means the religious stuff wasn't there which suited me perfectly. Everything that was said was just perfect. It hit a really nice balance and was very touching.

My mum's Italian friend Ilaria sang a beautiful Italian song and a friend of Brian's sang My Love is like a Red, Red Rose.

The day was lovely and sunny and we spend a lot of time out on the terrace (mostly cooling down).

We moved in for dinner and did the speeches. Mine went really well in the end. While I was nervous and my voice wavered a few times due to that I think it went down well in the end. People laughed at the right bits which was good!  The other speeches were really good too tho' I was too busy being relieved to really notice them!

The meal was lovely and people had already started arriving when we'd finished.

I went out to the terrace for some fresh air and shortly after Derek, Lindsey, Pete and Nicola turned up, all looking very well decked out! Nell, Fi, Stu Millar, Jody and Ian were not far  behind, looking equally smart. It was really nice to see my mates there, made the occasion all the more special for me.

Craig and Caroline (my boss and his wife) were also there which was great. Various strange connections were discovered (Ian was taught by my brother-in-law Pete's dad Sandy up in Inverness), and the night went really well. There was plenty of dancing, we had ceildh, South American and more standard disco style tunes which was a perfect mix.

Afterwards a few folk came down to mine for some of those extra drinks I was wide to purchase that morning.

All in all a great day...

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