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Woooo hoooo! I got me a new bike! Broom!

Well I caved!

I couldn't stand being bikeless any longer and purchased me a new bike.

My Bike

Kawasaki ZX6R Ninja

It's a second hand (obviously) Kawasaki ZX6R Ninja.

I bought it of a very nice guy called Lorne who had only had it for a few months. He said he gets a bike every now and then and then loses interest!

He lives over in Helensburgh which is on the West coast past Glasgow. I took a trip through last weekend and had a look and shaked his hand, then drove up North to Loch Earn and met Nell and Oren who had camped overnight. Fi and Ian turned up shortly after I arrived and we all went wakeboarding. Awesome weekend!

Anyway, back to the bike. My mate Grant gave me a lift through on his 'blade to pick it up. We took the scenic route via Perth(!) in order to drop off some parts for a friend of his.

It was good having someone there who is a regular rider as I was a little nervous about getting back in the saddle again! Everything went pretty well and I'm keeping it at Grant's garage just now as it keeps the insurance down!

His garage is a little out of the way for me which makes it a little annoying. Also it's not a private garage so I can't leave my gear there which makes cycling down impossible too. Fortunately, Derek's make Kev has got a garage right across the road from my work and has said I can use that!

Anyway, I'm chuffed as chips at the moment!

Update: My mate Iain Fairbairn has just passed his test too, so that's another member of the biker crew! 

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