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Viva Les 3 Vallées

A brief report of my holiday to Meribel, France for some snow based action!

To sum up the holiday in one word: Ace!!

This year we did things a little differently in that we organised everything ourselves and didn't use a travel agent. Overall I think it worked out great and probably saved us a little money into the bargin.

The holiday wasn't cheap, but we did go for a quality chalet. It turned out to be fantastic. We didn't quite have it to ourselves but it was pretty much as good as, seeing as there were only three others there.

A few familiar faces from last years holiday were there: Simon R, Simon P, Grant, Iain, Nick Brown, James Davidson, oh and Me! Plus there was a few new faces, most of whom I'd met before in some capacity before hand: Louisa (Nick's sis), James & Jaye, Magnus, Stuart and David (Si R's dad).

With slight, but ultimately unjustified, paranoia about everyone getting on with each other (especially with 13 of us!), we set off at a nice senible time from Edinburgh airport. Flight was delayed slightly but not for too long. We met our transfer man and Si R managed to flex his linguistic skills and we managed to get organised and headed for the resort. The transfer was quick but we still managed to miss the chalet on the first pass and had to go round again. It was snowing heavily all the way up the road and I was surprised the driver made it up without chains, but it was all looking promising for the week ahead!

Got settled in quick and ate some dinner which was nice, tho' the chef didn't really know what to make for me, his vegetarian skills not really being up to scratch. Hey ho.

Up the hill for the first day and it was awesome. It had been snowing heavily for the previous week so there was an excellent base and nice light powder topping. The weather was a bit overcast on the Sunday, but overall it totally cleared up on the second day and some of the best powder I've ever ridden!

Myself and Grant were in our element hitting the powder off-piste. We had to be a little careful tho' as the previous weeks snow would have left the avalanche risk fairly high, but we had an ace time all the same!

Unfortunately, Si P bust his ankle on the morning of the second day which put him out for the rest of the week. Total bummer.

The rest of the week was awesome, the snow lasting well, and the weather staying sunny.

Throw in a couple of good nights out and a pleasently uneventful return trip and we have ourselves an awesome holiday.

I'll try and get some pictures up soon, but that will require further development of The Kipi Plugin: Gallery Remote which currently lacks several features.... (like a sync feature).

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