Illegitimi non carborundum


OK, I’m starting to blog….

I've realised that it's just now right to keep deny the world my insights any longer.

OK, it's my birthday. Woop! Well it's not really. It's actually some time past it by a matter of several weeks. I'm just pretending that I wrote this on my birthday as some of the events that have happened since then have made me want to write down what's going on. I want to keep myself a wee diary of what's happened to me such that I can keep a record and inform those who know me what I'm getting up to. OK, I'm going to go back to 6th March and start telling my story.... <imagine the screen going all wobbly like between the different endings in Waynes World>

So I'm going to start Blogging. Ugh, that's such an ugly statement.... I've always had someting against bloggers. Don't know why, but I reserve my right to irrational prejudices, it's what makes us human. So, in short, I shall be sharing with whoever wants to listen, or more likely, read, what it is exactly that is filling up my time.

One thing that I'm very much looking forward to is a holiday in Meribel with 12 mates (some of whom I don't really know that well/at all). The weather is looking pretty snowy right now and I reckon we could be in for a good week. I really hope it turns out OK as we were originally supposed to be there right now but as a group of 13 we dithered about too much to get ourselves together enough to book the chalet and someone else snuck in there and booked it right under our nose!

Everything is pretty much sorted now. Been a little more effort than last year's booking as Simon Raby and myself are booking all the parts of the holiday separately rather than using an agent. Flights have happily worked out OK time wise despite being an almost cockup when I actually booked them on the web... my own fault I only booked 12 places!!

Should be a good break, so expect another report about it in due course.... possilby in the second exciting installment of my spanking new Blog!


Assuming I can't think of anything else to say in the mean time...

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