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So I'm just back from Nürmberg, German where I was fortunate enough to be invited to the speak at the OpenSuse Developer Summit. It has to be said, everything went really well. The first thing that struck me about this event is that it was quite inclusive. Although, obviously, the point was to discuss, promote and develop Suse there were folk there from other distros including Debian, Fedora and, of course Mandriva/Mageia (well, me!). This was very nice to see.


The Digital Economy Bill Will Increase Terrorism

OK, so I wanted a catchy title. It got you reading though right? In order to maintain my credibility, I will justify this link, but firstly I want to talk a little bit about something that is not actually (directly) related to the world of Open Source, but it does affect the "little guy" and the independents in the same way that e.g. Software Patents affect the FOSS movement.

Over the last fee weeks and months there has been growing concern about the reforms proposed by in the Digital Economy Bill which is going today for a third reading in the House of Commons (UK Parliament).

This legislation as it stands is quite frankly horribly Draconian in it's approach and makes a mockery of the legal system's overarching principle of the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

But before I talk about the content of the bill itself, I have to write about the rather interesting event that took place yesterday in concerning the second reading.


Snow Way I’m Missing my ‘boarding Fix

Well this is just a small round up of my little holiday in Les Gets. I hadn't booked anything this year due to the general apathy of my usual circle of skiing/boarding buddies and also due to a pretty intensive work schedule. But I really needed to get away and on Tuesday last week I decided to just book something and get away!

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Well myself and Robin are currently in the sky in a orange metal tube laughing in the face of evolution. Who says humans can fly? Pah!

We're heading to Nice where we will hopefully manage to catch our ferry to Corsica. There is not much time between our scheduled arrival and the ferry's scheduled departure and we didn't do ourselves any favours by sitting in blissful ignorance in the coffee shop while our flight went to final call! We were last in the plane but still had to queue to get on so thankfully we cannot be blamed for adding any delay!
(update from the future - we made it!)

This week is a bit of an experiment. As our company, Tribalogic Ltd, is a web development firm with our office telephones using VoIP, our physical location often does not matter. So myself and Rob have packed one of the hardware phones into a bag an are heading off to meet our colleague Gerome in Corsica where his family have a holiday home (with an Internet connection obviously!).

We should still be able to answer calls and deal with customer support etc. But time will tell if the theory matches the practice!

If all this works successfully it will maybe make me think more seriously about spending a winter season in a ski resort somewhere. I'd be able to help out on the phone and speak to customers from a little base in the alps so the only problem would be how it would affect our small team if I was away for a period of time. But before I get carried away with myself, we'll see how this week works out technically!

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We Came, Warsaw, We Conquered!

I met this guy at Meadowbank. He was out in the field and was carrying a massive stick, so I asked him: "Are you a Pole Vaulter?", he replied, "No, I'm German, but how did you know my name was Walter?" Ahh the old ones are the best... or maybe not!!

Anyway, read on and bask in the delights of a Polish excursion that
lasted only three days but shortened life expectancy by about three
years..... each.

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Aiming High

Well that's about the sixth time I've seen Aim and they just keep getting better!

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Hitting the Water (face first)

Summer time again and another trip up to Charlie's Watersports is called for!

Can't beat it - a sneaky day off work and just happen to get one of the nicer days for the last few weeks... 

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Well once again Edinburgh has doubled in size for a month or so and all manner of weird and wonderful shows and events occured.

Managed to get a few shows in this year and frequented the good old Spiegel Tent a fair bit too.... 

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Woooo hoooo! I got me a new bike! Broom!

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Wedding Bells

Not for me! But for my Mum.

 We all had a great day, my mum looked lovely and there were no hiccups!

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